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I consider myself an average guy in average shape.  I am middle aged with a bad back.  Deflect!  My back is growing stronger and more flexible every day!  Anyway, I work hard to stay active and be in the best shape I can be.  I’ve tried many sports and activities over the years.  None of which have I ever excelled, but many of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.  Many activities have evolved over the years as my body has requested.  Soccer is now beach volleyball, 15 years of Tae Kwon Do is now yoga, snowboarding is now surfing, intense mountain biking is now a bit more leisurely. So, I’m no stud, but I do believe I am the best version of me and only getting better.

So I will share some of the activities and work outs I use to better myself and also share with you those activities I am experimenting with.  My activities are always evolving.  Currently, I do yoga, lift weights, hike, bike and surf when I can.

Like many people I would like to shed fat and gain lean muscle mass.  The best way to do both is to incorporate weight training and high intensity, interval training (HIIT).  I will share a few work outs in various posts and would love to hear yours.  Good luck and happy training!

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