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Posted on Jun 12, 2019 in Featured, Healthy Drinks, Healthy Eats | 2 comments

Healthy Eats… South Bay LA

While it hasn’t always been the case, we now have quite a few healthy dining options in the South Bay. So, while I’m sharing my list of favorites in hopes it serves you when in search of nourishment, I’m also hoping you’ll help me build upon this list.

For now, here’s what I’ve got…


El Segundo…


So many good options here, but I usually get…
-Ancient Grains Bowl is my go to. If you eat fish, adding sustainable steelhead (from salmon family) is a good call.
-Cashew pad Thai with tofu (add broccoli)
Brunch is also worthy….
-Garden scramble or
-Quinoa Cakes to soothe your sweet tooth.


-Avocado & Quinoa Salad. I order without cheese or fried crunchies as I try to avoid fried anything and I add their vegan protein option, currently BBQ tempeh.
-if you eat fish, the wild tuna sandwich is worthy.


-Shredded kale & quinoa salad w vegan picadillo and vegan chipotle jack
-Black bean & quinoa bowl w vegan picadillo and vegan chipotle jack


Around the corner…


-All Hail Kale, add blackened “chicken.”  All items at this (now) national chain are plant based.


Down Rosecrans…


-The Happy Vegan is the plant based option
-If you eat fish the sustainable salmon plate with arugula salad and grilled veggies is a winner.


Manhattan Beach…


Le Pain -Lentil & avocado salad
-Crispy quinoa cake
-Sunny side breakfast bowl
-warm grain bowl
Nicks (consistently good restaurant)
-Kale salad (order without cheese or get on the side. Add salmon if desired. Great meal
-Grilled veggie tacos.  I don’t believe it’s still on the menu, but you can try.  Otherwise…
-Fish tacos. Grilled. Healthy. Delicious.
SunLife Organics
Favorite smoothies…
-Wolverine. I add kale
Owner, Khalil Rafadi is a good dude w an inspiring story. For a worthy read, pick up his book “I Forfot To Die.”
-50 Shades of Green
-Protein Power
-Collard hummus wrap
-Wild salmon collard wrap
-Vanilla chia yogurt
-don’t yet have a favorite here, but many options to choose from
Included on this list because it’s a fun spot and we can all use some fun!  Can be healthy if you don’t eat the irresistible fries, good luck with that. Veggie burger is good as is the salmon sandwich.


New addition to this list.  Recently opened at Manhattan Village.  Lots of great options.  I like the antioxidant salad with salmon.


Hermosa Beach…


Rabano (PCH at Artesia)
-Roasted veggie bowl (add beans)
-La Bamba bowl w tofu
-Quinoa Bowl. Add soft boiled egg if needing extra protein.
-Power Bowl (pictured)
-Veggie Panini
-Tuna panini
-Veggie burger tacos. Just. Do. It! So good.


Just next door…
-Salmon wrap or bowl or salad are all good. They do have a veggie burger but I haven’t had it yet. Recently changed ownership so not sure if this still stands.


Redondo Beach…


-4 Bowl: black beans, brown rice, greens and veggie burger topped w savory sauce
Happy Veggie
-Veggie Pho
The Grain Cafe
Newly opened, haven’t tried, but will soon.
-grilled veggie plate
Ok, what have I forgotten or missed?  Would love to be turned on to a new healthy discovery.


In service to your health,


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  1. The Grain Cafe Redondo Beach.
    The vegan lentil soup at Turquoise, the best.

    • Thanks Leslie! I look forward to trying the Grain! And vegan lentil soup at Turquoise… yes, please!

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