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Posted on Mar 20, 2015 in Healthy Drinks, Healthy Eats, Uncategorized | 0 comments

my current green drink:)


The drink and I were featured on Blondes Eat Clean.  Be sure to check it out!

My green drinks, and actually most everything I’m eating now, are evolving.  Healthy food just taste awesome to me.  This nutrient dense, green drink is no exception.  It taste great, at least to me:), and it will definitely get your motor running.  The ginger and turmeric add a nice zing to the drink and offer numerous health benefits, including reducing pain & inflammation, preventing colds and strengthening your immunity, to name just a few.

Here’s what I’m using…

Ginger, thumb length portion, clean & chop a bit for blender ease

Turmeric, thumb length portion, clean & chop a bit for blender ease

Juice of 1 or 2 lemons

1 cup of coconut water

blend, then add…

romaine, one head

kale, one handful

cucumber, 1/2 or whole

celery, 4 or 5 stalks

apple, one large

another cup or so of coconut water

blend, then add

frozen banana, 2 to 3

For extra credit, consider adding…chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, maca, spirulina or any other superfood.

Blend.  drink. enjoy.  rock on with your bad self:)

Warning:  This recipe is enough to fill a Vitamix.  I like to make a lot…I drink a full glass as soon as I’m done blending, fill two blender bottles (one for me, one for the wifey) and fill a kids cup for my 4 year old daughter, yes, she drinks them too.  I take pride in nourishing my family.  Hope you’ll soon be nourished as well.

Peace & plants,


btw, here’s the video from Blondes Eat Clean….

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