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Posted on Mar 17, 2014 in Uncategorized | 6 comments

what now?



My most recent post was about The Daily Kitchen & Bar and my vision for opening this “health & food conscious” establishment.  This week, ironically, I am sharing that now that The Daily is up and running, I am feeling called to move on.  Yes, it’s true.  My mission here feels complete.  Crazy, huh?  Yeah, it may not be the most prudent move, but I’ve never been very prudent.  I am choosing rather to trust my intuition and follow my Spirit (and possibly continue Forrest Gump’n my way through life:))

I am so very grateful to have my hard working, trustworthy partners, Jared Golden and Michelle Williams, here in RVA to run things.  I have loved being part of the vision, the conceptualization, the design, attracting like minded people to the project and all the fun, creative, passion driven things that come along with opening a restaurant, especially a health conscious restaurant, but I no longer feel called to be part of the day to day operations.  Fortunately for me, Jared and Michelle are quite skilled in this arena.  I feel truly blessed and grateful to have them as partners and to now have the freedom to let go.

So…now what?  Honestly, I am not completely sure.  We plan on moving back to SoCal (either LA or SD).   It’s just where my soul feels most happy.  It’s also where my wife and daughter are from, love my Cali girls:).  I plan on going back to selling real estate as I feel I have a knack for finding and marketing good properties and I enjoy working with and helping others.   Would love your referrals, btw:)

But…there’s also something else nagging at me.  As I have said many times, I have made it my mission “to create, live and inspire a happy, healthy, conscious and compassionate life.” So in addition to selling real estate, I want to invest my energies in wellness based businesses and projects that are in alignment with my purpose.  I’m not sure exactly what this means?  I’ve considered opening a juice bar or a plant-based health bar, personal training, health coaching, teaching yoga, selling nutritional products, writing, speaking, blogging, creating & facilitating wellness retreats or creating wellness centers or anything else in this field that presents itself.  I have actually been a personal trainer before at Equinox and enjoyed it, but I now question whether I am too old, in good enough shape, would I make enough money to support my family, etc?  And with the other possible paths, I have similar, self defeating questions…would anyone want to hear what I have to say, want what I have to offer and again would I make enough to support my family?  Blah, blah, blah.  Why does it feel I am I drawn to these career paths that don’t seem/appear to have the greatest financial incentives?  Crap!  Oh well, perhaps, these are just my fears…all now publicly exposed.  I am reminded and it’s worth remembering, however, that FEAR is just False Evidence Appearing Real.

The truth is…I will happily spend my time helping people with their real estate needs, I will enjoy my healthy, active SoCal lifestyle and I will continue to do my best to create, live and inspire a happy, healthy, active, conscious and compassionate life.  I trust that if my passions can be of service in a professional manner, the Universe will show me the way.  Surrendering to this belief.  I am open to the possibilities.  I am also, of course, open to suggestions, if you have any?  For now, I am letting go of my attachment to wanting to know all the answers and instead, quieting the mind.  Listening.  Patiently listening for Spirit’s guidance.  Knowing all is unfolding perfectly…

With this tone, I’ll sign off with a heartfelt…


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  1. I love that you chose to share this. I think we often fear simply saying it out loud. But by being your true self, those answers will come with patience as you well noted. And, all of this will give you the gift of being an even better father and husband than you probably already are. I am sure your family would agree.

    Thank you, again. Your honesty has given me (us) more strength today to do the same.


    • Thanks Kyra!!!
      I’m a work in progress:)
      Follow your bliss and enjoy the journey.

  2. I will miss chatting with you when we cross paths at The Daily. All the best on your move back to SoCal. Be well!

    • Thanks Max! Good luck to you on your continued path to health and wellness.

  3. Congratulations! I couldn’t be happier for you and your girls. It’s a wonderful, courageous, and exciting choice. I look forward to seeing you on the left coast and sharing a drink at your new juice bar. All my best. Angel

    • Thanks Angel. Hope to see you guys out here soon! Juice bar, hmmmm….maybe.

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