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Posted on Feb 16, 2014 in Healthy Eats | 0 comments

The Daily: Expanding RVA’s food consciousness

Patio at The Daily


In case you missed it, Nathan Cushing of RVAnews ran an article “The Daily: Expanding RVA’s food consciousness” last week which featured The Daily…. and yours truly:)  I feel humbled, honored and grateful to have been featured.   While the article shares my story and vision for The Daily, I want to be sure credit is given where credit is due.  Yes, I have pushed to do a healthy and/or organic concept for quite some time, but without my partners, Jared Golden and Michelle Williams’ willingness, shared vision and creative efforts, this would have not come to fruition.  I am grateful for them and owe them a lot!

Ok, back to me… just kidding, kinda.  The article shares my passion and vision for conscious, healthy consumption and in particular, plant based dining.  I am lit up to see the vegan conversation going mainstream.  We’ve seen it a lot recently, especially in larger cities, but to now have it occurring in Richmond shows real progress.  Perhaps 2014 is, as NY Mag says, “the year of the vegan.”

I was happy to see Nathan convey my long winded ideologies, in a very compelling way.  I feel he did a good job showing my passionate, but non-judgemental attitude toward food consciousness, hopefully that is how it is received anyway.  I was especially happy to see my personal mission statement make the article “to create, live and inspire a happy, healthy, conscious and compassionate life.”  Having my mission publicly shared makes my mission even more real for me.  It reminds me to make my life about something more than just my small wants.  Having a purpose and having it expressed gives life meaning.  In this moment, I feel a small sense of fulfillment, I am inspired to continue sharing my passion for wellness.

If you have not yet read the article, I hope you will.  To Nathan, my fellow vegan, thank you for sharing your words and helping to further our collective mission.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy day,




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