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Posted on Jul 14, 2013 in Healthy Drinks, Powders & Supplements | 0 comments

Product Review: Vega Sport Sugar Free Energizer

1 vega sport energizer


Ok, full disclosure:  I’m already a big fan of Vega products and have enjoyed their protein shakes, nutritional shakes and protein bars for a few years now.  Created by bad ass, Brendan Brazier-a 100% plant based triathlete, all their products are scientifically driven to deliver the greatest nutritional punch.  So, when I received a few of my favorite products from them to review, I was stoked!  I already knew I would write a glowing review about all the products I’ve tried, they taste great and, as mentioned, are power packed.  The big surprise for me was receiving their latest product:  Vega Sport Sugar Free Energizer.

The Energizer contains electrolytes like most sport drinks but without the sugar.  It also contains natural stimulants (green tea, yerba mate, ginseng and rhodiola) which feels much better than coffee on the system for the “get up and go” that I frequently need.  I also really like that Vega Sport Energizer contains natural anti-inflammatories (ginger, turmeric and devils claw) which keeps my muscles and joints from aching.

I had done my research and was impressed with the list of ingredients and properties in Vega Sport Energizer, but honestly I was still a bit of a skeptic.  I was grateful Vega had sent me the products I already loved and of course was glad to try this one, but as I mentioned I didn’t expect much.  Until…recently one day when I really wasn’t thinking much about it, I mixed up a little of the Energizer powder in my water bottle about 15 minutes before my workout and went to the gym.  For a day when I would’ve been just happy to squeak out a little work out, given how sluggish I was feeling, I got a damn good work out!  Coincidence?  Being a skeptic, I thought maybe.  So I tried it again today 20 minutes before my workout.  Again I was initially not at my best.  I’m working a lot right now and have a three year old at home so basically I’m riding on fumes most of the time.  (As a side note, I do, however, continue to make time for my workouts even when slammed, some workouts are better than others of course.)  Anyway, like I said, I tried it again today before my workout and again, I busted out a great workout!  That makes twice so I’m becoming a believer.  Actually, I am a believer.  Vega Sport Energizer is my new “go to” pre-workout drink.   Right now with my crazy schedule, I’m pretty stoked to have a little added healthy fuel to get me powered up before a work out.

It gives you natural energy, is plant based, sugar free, only 5 calories and taste great.  What’s not to love?   They offer two flavors, Acai Berry and Lemon Lime.  I’ve tried both now and they’re awesome, much better tasting than any sugary sport drink.  Ok, enough of my rambling endorsement.  I would love to hear your results.  Give it a shot and let me know what you think.  You can order online here and it looks like they’re offering 15% off until mid July so you may want to take advantage of that.  Good luck and have a great work out!

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