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Posted on Apr 15, 2013 in Healthy Eats | 0 comments

LA Love




After living in Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach) for almost 10 years, a year ago I moved my wife and little girl to my hometown of Richmond VA.   It’s been great seeing old friends, being closer to family and working on some great projects.  I’m especially grateful to my business partners for helping create an opportunity for me to return, thanks guys!   It’s been great…but I miss LA.  The SoCal lifestyle just seems to suits me.    Regardless of where I live, however, I will work to create a healthy, active, vegan, conscious and compassionate lifestyle.  Since living here, I’ve had a few light-hearted comments about how I’ve become the SoCal stereotype i.e. being vegan and practicing yoga.  The irony of it all has been that I didn’t become fully vegan until I moved here and my yoga practice didn’t become consistent until I moved here.  Maybe being away from the SoCal lifestyle made me more clearly define who I wanted to be?  I think so.

Anyway, I just got back from visiting LA and realize how much I still love it.  I had a great time seeing friends, family, running on the beach, hiking and of course, visiting all my favorite vegan cafes and restaurants.  If you’re in LA, I recommend checking out these places, trust me they’re all awesome!

Café Gratitude in Larchmont is my all time favorite.

Café Gratitude in Venice, recently opened, is now a great option too!

Real Food Daily in Santa Monica (W. Hollywood and Pasedena are also good) has been my “go to” for years.  I just heard they will be opening a spot in LAX, that’s awesome, vegan progress!  Good things are happening.

Veggie Grill in El Segundo is great for delicious, counter service, vegan nourishment and super family friendly too!  During the recession, while many businesses were going bankrupt, these guys were opening all over the place.  I believe they are up to 20 locations along the Pacific states now.  So stoked for these guys and for offering more vegan foods for so many more people.  More vegan progress!

Native Foods in Culver City, Westwood, Costa Mesa and Palm Desert always fits the bill for great vegan, counter service nourishment as well.

The Spot in Hermosa beach is a hidden gem.  Get the veggie tacos, they’re insane!

I unfortunately missed trying Tal Ronnen’s new restaurant “CrossRoads” on Melrose, so bummed to miss it.  I’ve heard it’s incredible.  Oh well, I’ll be back….hopefully sooner than later!

So my trip was awesome.  I was happy that not long after I returned to Richmond, Spring came.  It’s beautiful, warm and sunny here now.  I am grateful.


(photo on the fly by TR, thanks bud)

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