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Posted on Apr 2, 2013 in Healthy Eats, Latest Workout | 0 comments

10 (or so) great reasons to adopt a whole foods, plant based diet




1) Reduce your risk of heart disease


2) Lower your cholesterol (which comes from animals, there is no cholesterol in plants)


3) Reduce your risk for diabetes


4) Lower your weight and your BMI (Body Mass Index)


5) Reduce inflammation throughout your body.  Since giving up dairy I’ve noticed old aches and pains don’t bother me nearly as much.  Also, I used to get frequent colds.  Now I rarely get colds and if I do it’s only for a day or two.  I’m a believer.


6) Prevent certain types of cancer


7) Slow down the aging process


8) Greatly limit your chances of getting food poisoning. Meat is often contaminated with feces, blood and other bodily fluids, making it the top producer of food poisoning.


9) Stop global warming.  The meat industry is one of the biggest contributors of climate change, producing more greenhouse gases than than all the planes, trains, boats, and automobiles in the world combined! Going vegan does so much for the health of our planet.


10) Help feed the world.  It is estimated that if every American reduced his or her meat consumption by only 10 percent for one year, enough grains would be alleviated from the factory farming industry to have the potential to feed 60 million starving people.  20 vegans can live off the same land required by one meat eater.  If we stopped raising animals for food and grew crops to feed humans instead, we could easily feed everyone on the planet with healthy and affordable vegetarian foods.


11) Feel good about yourself.  I’ve chosen this path not only for my health and the health of the planet, but also because I feel my dietary choices shouldn’t cause suffering in this world.  Animals feel pain and they feel fear.  It’s unnecessary violence.  We kill over 10 billion animals a year for food in the U.S alone.  Every vegan saves 100 animals a year.




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