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Posted on Jun 30, 2017 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Got hemp?


Don’t get too excited. I’m not suggesting you go get high.  I am suggesting, however, that you may want to consider hemp aka marijuana for its many other, non-psychoactive, benefits.

Used for thousands of years, people from around the world have ingested hemp for numerous reasons:

Pain relief






The list goes on…


My story…

Over the past few years I found myself romanticizing the idea of smoking pot. I had enjoyed it during my college years and thought it might help me with some stress, anxiety and depression I had been dealing with.  So I tried it… a couple of times actually and unfortunately (or fortunately) found it just no longer worked for me.  There was no peaceful, easy feeling that I longed for and had remembered. On the contrary, it just put me more in my head, not really what I was seeking.  I gave up on the idea. It was a good thought, but not for me. Then a friend suggested I try CBD/hemp oil.  It’s oil extracted from the hemp plant with the psychoactive ingredient, THC, removed so you won’t get “high” or in my case, get spun.  It is safe enough for kids and has, in fact, helped many children with various ailments. Just Google Charlotte Figi.


My experience….

I shot 4 squirts under my tongue and held it in my mouth for 30 seconds, then swallowed. Within 10 minutes, I felt my parasympathetic nervous system relax. I was not buzzed but did feel a very mellow, enjoyable sense of calm. I was still very sober and could work, drive and go about my daily life. I have found using this has helped me deal with stress, making me less irritable…and I’m sure my family appreciates that.  As an unexpected benefit, many of my aches and pains have dissipated because of hemp’s anti-inflammatory properties.  Ahh…oh so nice.


Hemp/CBD oil will not make our problems go away and nothing can replace doing our inner work, but it may be a healthier alternative to some of the common pharmaceuticals we may find ourselves reaching for. It has helped me, maybe it can help you.


If you are interested in trying it, there are reputable companies that sell high quality hemp/CBD oil.  You just have to do some research.  If you want to try the one that works for me, I can vouch for the PMB brand.  You can get it here…


Full disclosure: I am an affiliate so I will receive a couple of bucks if you buy from my site.  For a nominal fee you can enroll on my site and earn a few bucks yourself.  They have a great affiliate program.


Curious to hear your thoughts and/or experiences with hemp. Check in when you can.


Wishing you well.


Peace ✌️

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